February 2011 – Gathering Books

Myra here. Our Message in a Bottle Bimonthly Special concludes with my review of Nick Bantock’s Morning Star Trilogy. AsContinue Reading

Iphigene here. The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 is a gem worth everyone’s time and deserving of its many awards. TheContinue Reading

Picture Book Reading Challenge Update: 24 of 72 PoC Reading Challenge Update: 17 of 25 Fats here. Each time aContinue Reading

We were a little ambitious when we found out about Black History Month (BHM) and while we planned on doingContinue Reading

Picture Book Reading Challenge: 22 of 72 PoC Reading Challenge: 15 of 25 Myra here. I first learned of thisContinue Reading

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