50 Best Fat-Burning Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Here are the best fat-burning foods that can help you lose weight, calm your hunger, increase your metabolism and increase your energy level!  

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, try to incorporate the best fat-burning foods listed in this article into your diet.

Weight loss can sometimes be a slow and frustrating process when we do not have the best tools at our disposal. Fortunately, we use an effective way that is at hand: our food choices. In addition, we can ensure that we include low-calorie foods in our plate. This will necessarily bring us closer to our goal of losing weight and will be beneficial to our health. But still, there are also fat-burning foods, which promise to achieve results faster.

These fat-burning foods are low in calories, increase metabolism, are high in fiber or quell hunger. Among the many fat-burning foods, many of them also share a common characteristic: they are full of vitamin C. In addition to fighting colds, vitamin C helps produce collagen, helps the health of the skin, can protect the heart and help destroy the free radicals associated with certain cancers. The new data available on the properties of vitamin C that helps burn fat and lose weight are so promising that we have classified this vitamin among the nutrients that release the fats. Without further ado, here are the best fat-burning foods to help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight.Papaya: one of the best fat-burning foods

Papaya: one of the best fat-burning foods

Vitamin C content: 188 mg

Serving: 1 fruit

Rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, niacin and vitamins, papaya is a delicious and low-calorie fruit that promotes the proper functioning of our intestines and our immune system. In this sense, it is considered among the best fat-burning foods.

Originally from Mexico, this fruit contains especially papain, formidable against the collagen found in cellulite. This enzyme breaks down pectins, but also some sugars and lipids. It absorbs excess fat and sugar, and functions as a fat burner for our body. Possessing anti-inflammatory benefits, the papaya thus eliminates the orange peel and unsightly dimpling. In addition, its dietary fiber increases the feeling of satiety while encompassing cholesterol and cancer cells of the colon. This is why papaya is frequently used during slimming treatments with associated cellulite state.

A study published in Food Chemistry in 2009 found that papain showed the same effects as natural pancreatic enzymes that break down fat. Pierre Mantello and Luc Montagnier, authors of the book Vivre longue en santé: an extraordinary ally, the fermented papaya, have also highlighted the many benefits of papaya. They argue that fermented papaya is as good for the body as vitamins C and E, beta-carotene or selenium.Peppers to melt fat reserves

Peppers, among the best burn-fat foods

Content of vitamin C: 117 mg

Serving: 1 cup of raw peppers

The peppers contain capsaicin, which gives it a tangy taste and is rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. According to some studies, this capsaicin molecule has an effect on the sensation of satiety and increases the basic energy expenditure (calories) by preventing the assimilation of fats. In addition, this sweet pepper stimulates metabolism and is an effective fat-burning food.

Laval University in Quebec City conducted a study showing that men who ate red peppers daily for snacks and meals burned more calories per day than a man who did not eat.

A Japanese study published in the British Journal of Nutrition also found a postprandial increase (feeling of satiety after meals) in people who consumed red peppers.Strawberries for burning fat

Strawberries, a tasty food for burning fat

Content of vitamin C: 85 mg

Serving: 1 cup

The favorite fruit of young and old has a high content of manganese and trace element. These stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland, which has a significant fat-burning effect on the body. The strawberry is also considered a diuretic food that promotes weight loss and fat removal, thanks to the presence of potassium and some tannins.

According to several Japanese scientific studies, all these molecules have a lipolytic power (dissolves fats) proven similar to the active ingredient peppers and peppers.

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, MD, simply breathing the aroma of the strawberry with light exercise would increase metabolic rate and promote weight loss. The smell of the strawberry would particularly promote the production increasing the muscular performance.Broccoli, an effective fat burner food

Broccoli, an effective fat burner food

Vitamin C content: 81 mg

Serving: 1 cup raw broccoli

Low in calories, broccoli is one of the best fat-burning foods because of its high content of insoluble fiber resulting in significant energy expenditure at the time of digestion. Its consumption thus facilitate the intestinal transit, the elimination of toxins and fats. With a high concentration of zeaxanthin and lutein, two nutrients from the carotenoid family, broccoli is also an excellent antioxidant. Rich in vitamin C, it has appetite suppressant properties.

Scientific studies have shown that broccoli contains a natural anti-estrogen. By inhibiting the formation of estrogen, broccoli components increase the production of testosterones and prevent the accumulation of fat, thus promoting muscle wasting, especially in the abdomen.Pineapple is a food that helps weight loss

Pineapple, among the best fat-burning foods promoting weight loss

Content of vitamin C: 79 mg

Serving: 1 cup

Pineapple is an excellent source of nutrients with metabolic effects. Manganese, magnesium, iodine, vitamin C, pineapple is also full of this valuable digestive and anti-inflammatory enzyme, which is called bromelain. Promoting digestion, this enzyme breaks down proteins and fights fat cells. In addition, the high presence of vitamin C in pineapple contributes slightly more than 30% of its antioxidant potential. Brussels sprouts: a food fat burner to lose weight

Brussels sprouts: a food fat burner to lose weight

Content of vitamin C: 75 mg

Serving: 1 cup of raw Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts offer only 43 calories per 100 grams. It is distinguished by its very high content of vitamin C and K. Brussels sprouts also have a detoxifying, remineralizing, revitalizing, antibiotic and circulatory action; which makes this vegetable an excellent fat burner and a stimulant for the metabolism that can help to lose weight.Burning fat foods: the kiwi.


Effective fat-burning foods: the kiwi

Vitamin C content: 72 mg

Serving: 1 fruit

Rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and K, the kiwi has more than 80% water. Highly recommended for slimming diets, it brings a feeling of fullness and thus promotes weight loss. It also contains many phenolic compounds, including phenolic acids, procyanidins and flavonols (quercetin, kaempferol). These compounds, present in plants, also have antioxidant properties. A large kiwi contains 55 calories and brings you 80% of your daily vitamin C needs, making it a perfect snack. In addition, it does not contain a lot of sodium and remains a powerful diuretic, which makes it possible to lose accumulated water, very useful for pregnant women.Oranges to promote weight loss

Oranges, one of the best fat-burning foods to promote weight loss

Vitamin C content: 70 mg

Serving: 1 fruit

Citrics, which are condensates of vitamin C, such as orange, help fight fats. According to some large-scale studies, patients who consume 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day for six weeks significantly reduce their levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin. On the other hand, a study conducted by Estatale University of Arizona has shown that high vitamin C intake can help burn up to 30% more fat during exercise. Thus, experts recommend that patients who wish to lose weight drink plenty of orange juice just before starting a physical exercise.Kale (kale) is a food for melting fat

Effective fat-burning foods: kale (kale)

Vitamin C content: 53 mg

Serving: 1 cup cooked cabbage

Kale is a variety of green cabbage, rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, it is the king of detox diets. Indeed, kale contains in particular flavonoids (or kaempferol) with decongestive properties. Rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which slows the passage of glucose in the blood, kale can play a moderating role in increasing blood sugar and is an effective fat-burning food.Cauliflower contributes to weight loss and helps to lose weight

Efficient fat-burning foods: Cauliflower contributes to weight loss

Content of vitamin C: 52 mg

Serving: 1 cup raw cauliflower

Cauliflower is a neighbor of broccoli. It is one of the few non-starchy vegetables that are consumed at will in a weight loss treatment. Rich in folate and vitamin C, cauliflower is one of those fat-burning foods that boosts efficiency when coupled with physical activity. It is also an excellent source of fiber that helps with digestion and intestinal movement. “Increasing your fiber intake helps control your appetite and weight in a healthy way,” says nutritionist Rosanna Lee. Tomato to slim down and burn fat

Efficient fat-burning foods: Tomato to slim down and burn fat

Vitamin C content: 23 mg

Serving: 1 cup

The tomato would be a real fat burner. Low in carbohydrates, it contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, as well as many other minerals and vitamins. According to the American Diabetes Association, regular consumption of tomatoes is very suitable for people with diabetes, since it is a low glycemic food, which brings us multiple nutrients, such as. By eating fresh tomatoes regularly, the high vitamin C content in tomatoes may help lower your cortisol level, preventing the build-up of fat and cellulite.Low fat dairy products to slim down and burn fat

Low fat dairy products to slim down and burn fat

Your mother told you to drink milk because calcium is good for the bones, but she was probably unaware that it cuts hunger and helps burn fat. As proof: people lacking calcium accumulate more body fat and have less control over their appetite.

Not only are dairy products an excellent source of calcium, but research has shown that they cause faster metabolism of fat than other sources of calcium, perhaps because of a beneficial synergy between calcium and their other ingredients. However, more scientific research is needed to understand all the mechanisms between calcium and weight loss .

In a study at the University of Tennessee , the body fat of obese subjects who consumed three servings of milk a day decreased statistically significantly. The simultaneous limitation of caloric intake accelerated this lipolysis and weight loss.

That’s not all! An experiment conducted in 2010 demonstrated that skim milk drinking immediately after a whole-body bodybuilding effort and one hour after that workout not only helped to melt the fat, but also to develop the tissue and muscle strength, by more strengthen the framework by slowing its cell renewal. In short, low-fat dairy products are among the best fat-burning foods that can be included in a weight loss diet.

Note that compared to cheese, milk and water snacks, yogurt has the greatest ability to suppress appetite, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition . Study subjects rated their hunger as 24% lower after eating yogurt than after eating cheese, or drinking milk or water. Yogurt is a star of nutrition, as long as you do not eat varieties filled with artificial sweeteners or questionable toppings like chocolate chips. It contains calcium and good bacteria that help digestion. Greek yogurt in particular contains more protein and less sugar.

Serving: Eat at least three servings of low-fat dairy products each day, in conjunction with your workouts to maximize weight loss and speed up your metabolism. Women under 50 (and men under 70) should absorb 1000 mg of calcium daily. Beyond and as needed, aim 1,200 mg.

Effective fat-burning foods: red wine

The proof is that red wine has many health benefits. Researchers explain it by the anti-aging properties of resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine (and also in red grapes and peanuts, in particular).

Very recent work suggests that red wine is also an effective fat-burning food. In a nearly 13-year-old survey of more than 19,000 normal-weight women initially, mean weight gain and obesity were lower in the low- or moderate-drinking group than among abstainers. Several animal studies have confirmed that reasonable consumption of alcohol does not tend to make you fat. Another scientific study also revealed that resveratrol prevented obesity and protected against insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

Portion: To get the most benefit, a single glass of red wine is enough.Blueberries would be an effective fat-burning

Blueberries would be an effective fat-burning

Despite their small size, blueberries would be an effective fat-burning food. Anthocyanins would explain why this fruit helps to burn more abdominal fat.

In a study from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, rats given a fat or lean diet for 90 days, 2% of which came from blueberry powder, all lost abdominal fat – rats with a lean diet. having lost more.

Anthocyanins, which are blueberry phytonutrients, may affect the genes that regulate fat metabolism. Researchers believe that a cup of blueberries a day would have the same results on humans.Coconut oil helps reduce waist circumference

Efficient fat-burning foods: coconut oil to reduce waist circumference

Saturated fats have a bad reputation, but the type of fat that comes from coconut oil should be high on your list of favorites.

No wonder hypercholesterolemia and heart disease are rare among people who consume coconut oil regularly!

Portion: To be consumed in moderate quantity. it is important to emphasize that saturated fats should not represent more than 10% of daily lipid intake. Choose coconut oil or milk.Foods rich in good fats (monounsaturated and omega-3)

Effective fat-burning foods: high-fat foods (monounsaturated and omega-3)

Monounsaturated fatty acids help slow down the storage of abdominal fat. In this sense, they are considered to be effective fat burner foods. It is recommended to consume one serving per meal. It is found in olives, olive oil, nuts and seeds, dark chocolate and avocado.

In addition, according to a small Dutch study, polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish and various nuts and seeds should provide the same benefits. Participants in this experiment who ingest significantly more polyunsaturated fats (omega-3, in particular) than saturated fats increased their basal metabolism and burned more calories during their diet. According to another study , participants with higher levels of omega-3 in the blood had a lower waist circumference than other subjects. Added benefit: Polyunsaturated fatty acids metabolize faster than saturated fats.

Our diets generally provide us with more # 6 (or omega-6) acids than necessary, so focus on # 3 long-chain (commonly referred to as omega-3) flax seeds, walnuts, beans, salmon and olive oil. Researchers believe that the slimming action of omega-3 fatty acids results from their anti-inflammatory effect (the correlation between obesity and inflammation is strong). These beneficial fats also seem to guard against cardiovascular disease and mood swings.

Portion: Women should aim for 1.1 g of omega-3 acids per day, men 1.6 g.High protein foods help slim down and burn fat

High protein foods help lose weight and burn fat

Proteins are important for a variety of reasons: the health of the skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles … As a bonus, they would facilitate weight loss.

A study by Arizona State University found that protein promotes weight loss by increasing feelings of satiety and accelerating metabolism after a meal. Eating protein rather than carbohydrates satiates you more, cuts hunger and burns more fat.

Previous research has shown that people on a high-protein diet reduce their food intake by an average of 10% (about 800 kilojoules).

Portion: Experts recommend a daily dose of protein of about 40 g to women and 56 g to men.Quinoa to reduce appetite, weight and body fat

Efficient fat-burning foods: quinoa to reduce appetite, weight and body fat

Rich in protein, amino acids, phytosterols and vitamin E, quinoa should be a must as it is nutritious. Not to mention the anti-fat effect that a report published in 2011 suggests.

In animals supplemented with quinoa seed extract, appetite, weight and body fat all decreased. As a bonus, quinoa lends itself to all sorts of preparations.

Portion: To include it in your diet, all you have to do is replace some starchy foods (couscous, potatoes) with quinoa.Honey to slow down weight gain and body fat

Honey to slow down weight gain and body fat

Animal experiments suggest that honey can help slow down weight gain and body fat if it is substituted for sugar.

Renowned for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, honey has a range of other health benefits. Among other things, it would stabilize the blood sugar level and stimulate the immune system.

Serving: A moderate amount is recommended because honey contains 65 calories per tablespoon. It is however particularly interesting to substitute sugar with honey.Cocoa is an effective fat-burning food ... and delicious!

Effective fat-burning foods: cocoa

In addition to having positive effects on cognitive function and mood, cocoa would help to calm the feeling of satiety and would also be considered one of the best fat-burning foods. Make sure to choose good quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (ideally over 70%).

According to Dr. David Katz and researchers at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, cocoa protects the nerves against lesions and inflammation and the skin against the oxidative effects of UV rays.

Portion: Do you want a healthy and comforting dessert? Four squares of dark chocolate (40 grams) provide about 200 calories.High fiber, low calorie foods cut hunger

High fiber, low calorie foods cut hunger

Specialists in weight loss recommend eating a salad at the beginning of a meal to cut hunger, but why is it so effective? First, because salads are full of fiber, with the satiating effect known.

In addition, the salad takes up a lot of volume on a plate, but contains very few calories … Provided you choose a vinaigrette and put a reasonable amount!

Portion: Try making your own dressing with a tablespoon (15 ml) of olive oil, Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar.

Losing weight can also make your partner lose weight! Burn-fat food: vinegar.


Vinegar prevents overeating

Vinegar would be among the best fat-burning foods. In addition, it would help slim down because it provides the same type of effect as the salad: it lowers the glycemic index (it tempers the rise in blood sugar), which induces a feeling of satiety dissuading too much eat.

According to a 2009 Japanese study published in the  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ,  vinegar could also prevent fat storage : mice that ingested acetic acid (main ingredient of vinegar) for six weeks accumulated 10% less than control subjects.

Combined or not, fiber and vinegar are two weapons of choice to tame your appetite and burn fat.

Portion: Try to include vinegar in your diet. For example, add a small amount of vinegar to your house dressing.Hot pepper helps burn more fat

Hot pepper helps burn more fat

The consumption of capsaicin that contains the hot pepper would help burn more fat. In a study published in the journal  Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry , this effect was even more pronounced in subjects with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25, with at least a slight overweight. Some of the most popular hot peppers are cayenne pepper and habanero pepper.

That said, according to the work  of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition (University of California at Los Angeles) , eating softer peppers containing dihydrocapsate (DCT) could also help burn more fat. It would therefore not be necessary to turn to the strongest peppers to reap the full benefits. The DCT would make the body derive its energy from fat, rather than from other sources of energy, particularly through the process of fat oxidation. Thus, the Poblano pepper, the Rocotillo pepper and the Espelette pepper, whose Scoville scale is greater than 500, according to these researchers have the same burning-fat virtues.Green coffee contributes to weight loss

Green coffee contributes to weight loss

Green coffee could be an effective fat burner. In a research presented at the American Chemical Society  in San Diego, overweight subjects who consumed green coffee supplements experienced an average weight loss of almost 10%.

Researchers do not know which compound caused weight loss in these subjects who consumed green coffee capsules for 5 months and a half. They believe that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee may decrease sugar absorption, and thus help people burn more fat. According to these researchers, coffee roasting, however, destroys much of the chlorogenic acid that coffee contains in its natural state.

As part of this study, some of the subjects received a placebo. But for the latter, weight loss has not been conclusive. All subjects were active but not dieting.

However, as this discovery is still very recent, other large-scale, peer-reviewed studies are still needed to better understand the impacts of green coffee on weight loss.

Buttered coffee would also make you lose weight! Foods rich in resistant starch soothe hunger longer

Foods rich in resistant starch soothe hunger longer

Foods rich in resistant starch, found especially in green bananas and raw potatoes, could help burn more fat.

According to a recent study in  Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal , these starch-rich foods would be less rich in calories and contribute to satiety. In addition, they would quell hunger for a longer period of time than foods that do not contain this starch, such as white pasta or cooked potatoes.

Finally, less insulin would be secreted during the digestion of these foods, so that the body draws its energy more in the reserves of fat when they are consumed.

That said, if resistant starch-rich foods are particularly promising for weight loss, more long-term studies need to be conducted to better understand all the effects and impacts of these foods.Cinnamon is a food that promotes maintenance and weight loss

Cinnamon, among the best fat-burning foods promoting weight loss

Cinnamon could help the body store less fat, helping to maintain and lose weight.

A recent scientific study published in the  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics looked at the effects of cinnamon on blood glucose levels. As part of this research, subjects ate cereals containing 6 grams of ground cinnamon, while others consumed cereals without this spice.

Unlike other participants, subjects who consumed cereals with cinnamon showed better control of blood glucose levels.

If this study is to be replicated on a larger scale, Columbia University nutritionist Tara Ostrowe says other research has also concluded that cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels and improves sensitivity. to insulin. In this sense, cinnamon would help slim down and so would be a delicious fat burner food that one would have every interest in integrating into our diet.Watermelon provides better weight control

Watermelon provides better weight control

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana state that  watermelon could help control weight,more effectively and contribute to better cardiovascular health.

In their study published in the  Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry , mice were fed foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol. One group of mice consumed watermelon juice, while the second group drank water containing the same amount of carbohydrates as watermelon juice.

At the end of the study, researchers found that mice consuming watermelon juice gained 30% less weight than rodents who drank water with added carbohydrates.

The authors of the study intend to deepen their research, particularly by examining the effects of citrulline contained in watermelon. The researchers believe that this nutrient could notably promote a better cardiovascular health.

Finally, remember that watermelon helps slim down because it is low in calories and high in fiber, making it a great snack or dessert for those who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.Garlic has an "anti-obesity" effect and helps slim down

Garlic and its “anti-obesity” effect

As part of a study published in 2011 in  The Journal of Nutrition , researchers have studied the “anti-obesity” effect of garlic, as well as its impact on the process of fat storage.

Mice were first fed high-fat foods for eight weeks. At the end of these eight weeks, these rodents became obese.

Among these mice, one group received a supplement of garlic, while the second consumed a placebo. At the end of the next seven weeks, mice fed on garlic experienced a reduction in body weight and fat, while those who consumed a placebo did not benefit from these effects.

The researchers also found that mice consuming garlic had a higher body temperature. According to the authors of the study, these results suggest that garlic, thanks to its thermogenic effect, would burn more calories. In addition, researchers argue that garlic could have an impact on the genes involved in the manufacture of adipose tissue and lipid storage.

While such results are welcome, more research is needed to better understand the effect of garlic on weight in humans.Ginger is a food that burns more calories

Ginger, a food that burns more calories

According to a study published in the journal  Metabolism , ginger could help increase body temperature, thus burning more calories. In addition, ginger could contribute to the feeling of satiety.

As part of this research, overweight men consumed ginger powder dissolved in hot water. In these subjects, the study authors found a higher body temperature, and participants showed better control of appetite.

According to these results, ginger could play a potential role in weight control. That said, more research needs to confirm the findings of this research, including repeating this study on a larger scale.

Finally, according to researchers at the  School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics , ginger consumption may contribute to increased glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes.Agar-agar prevents the body from accumulating excess fat

Agar-agar prevents the body from accumulating excess fat

Agar-agar reabsorbs glucose in the stomach, passes quickly along the digestive system. Thus, agar-agar would prevent the body from retaining and storing excess fat, making it a good fat-burning food.

Agar-agar is derived from marine algae and is used extensively in Southeast Asia. This food is in fact an 80% hydrophilic fiber, which contains no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugars, no fat.

In a 2005 Japanese study published in  Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism , two groups of overweight participants with type 2 diabetes were compared for 12 weeks.

One group had a normal diet, while the other received agar supplementation. Subjects who consumed agar-agar lost more weight, had lower fasting blood glucose, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels than others.Burning fat foods: green tea.

Green tea promotes weight loss

Instead of juices or sodas, thin people drink green tea. In fact, a Japanese study found that subjects who drink the equivalent of five cups of green tea a day lost significantly more weight, especially abdominal fat, than those who drank just one cup.

This phenomenon is explained by the high concentration of catechins in green tea. It is believed that these increase the amount of energy used by the body, which helps to lose excess body fat.

Tea would be considered among the best fat-burning foods. You will not only fight cancer and heart disease while sipping green tea , but you will lose belly fat, especially if you walk, according to a study published in the  Journal of Nutrition .

The subjects in the study drank either a preparation containing catechins – a powerful antioxidant compound of green tea – or a catechin-free preparation. They also had about 180 minutes of moderately intense exercise, especially walking, every week. After 12 weeks, subjects who drank green tea lost 7.4% more abdominal fat than those who did not drink.

Catechins would increase metabolism and the rate at which the liver burns fat. To take advantage of catechins, drink four to six cups of decaffeinated green tea a day and do at least 180 minutes of exercise a week.Eggs help to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

Eggs help to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

Eating eggs may help lose weight as part of a weight loss diet, according to a study published in the journal  Nature .

In addition, a study at the Rochester Obesity Research Center found that eating breakfast eggs helps you limit your caloric intake for the rest of the day by more than 400 calories. This means that you could lose up to 1.5 kg (3 lb) per month!

Probably because the eggs fill you up longer, you’re less likely to have a snack in the morning or eat too much food over lunch. And although eggs contain cholesterol, it is “dietary cholesterol” and not “blood cholesterol”. This is a change to past recommendations because there is no evidence that eggs raise blood cholesterol.

An average egg contains 70 to 85 calories and 6.5 g of protein. Three eggs (210 to 255 calories) provide 19.5 g of protein: as the woman needs about 50 g of protein a day, three eggs make up almost half of your daily intake. (Your exact protein needs depend on your weight and level of activity, ask your doctor what is appropriate for you.) A Spanish omelette with three eggs, or three scrambled or poached eggs on a toast will fill you up for several hours.Turmeric is a fat-burning food

Turmeric, among the best fat-burning foods

This spice, a key ingredient of curries, grows wild in the Malaysian jungle. Turmeric contains curcumin, which could play a role in the fight against overweight.

A 2009 study published in  The Journal of Nutrition  showed that mice fed a diet containing a lot of fat and small amounts of curcumin gained less weight than other mice fed the same way, but without curcumin.

Researchers believe that this substance inhibits the growth of fatty tissue and increases the physiological phenomenon of burning fat. Think of turmeric for a healthy stir!Rooibos tea promotes weight loss


Rooibos tea promotes weight loss

“The crops in which you drink rooibos tea are less obese,” says Dr. Pescatore. Maybe it comes from catechins that some teas contain, or maybe it’s because we think we’re hungry when in fact we’re dehydrated. The rooibos has many amateurs. It is more full-bodied than green tea, while being naturally sweet; no need to sweeten it.Marinated vegetables help keep thin

Marinated vegetables, some of the best fat-burning foods that help keep you slim

Marinated vegetables include not only the famous gherkins, but peppers, cabbage and pickled tomatoes. Now, these pickled vegetables can help you stay slim , all thanks to its acetic acid content. In this sense, they are excellent fat-burning foods.

It seems that the acetic acid of these marinated vegetables can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and fat formation.

You do not like marinades? Replace the dressing  Ranch  your salad with oil and vinegar.Coffee stimulates weight loss

Among the best fat-burning foods, coffee boosts weight loss

A cup of coffee in the morning or an icy coffee in the afternoon stimulates weight loss because caffeine inhibits hunger. Coffee has also been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, which warms the body and speeds up metabolism.

In this sense, coffee could promote weight loss, according to a study published in 2006 in the American Journal of Nutrition . Caffeine would contribute to these positive effects, but it is also possible that chlorogenic acid and quinic acids play a role in the observed weight loss.

Be careful, however, that you add to your coffee – stick to skim milk … and very little sugar! In the same way, ice cream and whipped cream are to be avoided, except on special occasions!Spicy homemade salsa to burn more calories

Spicy homemade salsa to burn more calories

If you love spicy salsa, know that spicy foods burn more calories and require you to eat more slowly, according to James Hill, PhD, former president of the American Nutrition Society. In this sense, homemade salsa is considered among the best fat-burning foods.

“North Americans eat too fast,” he says. When your body finally sends you the signal of satiety, you have eaten too much. Eating slowly is a good strategy for losing weight, and spicing food, for example with salsa, is an easy way to do it. ”

Calories: 5 only in 1 tablespoon or about 80 in a cup.

Nutrients: Homemade salsa does not contain chemicals, preservatives or saturated fats; on the contrary, it offers a lot of fiber and a good choice of vitamins and minerals.

Danger: Many commercial salsas have a lot of sodium. But the real danger of salsa is what you eat with. If you serve it with tortilla chips, you eat too many calories.

Smart Ideas: Replace fat sauces with salsa. Warm salsa is great on chicken breasts, baked potatoes, pasta and pork. You can add some in sauces for pasta, soups and stews. In your rolls, put salsa instead of mayonnaise.Soup as appetite suppressant

Fat-burning foods: soup as an appetite suppressant

There is evidence that soup consumed early in the meal reduces the amount of calories consumed. The soup would be considered as an effective fat-burning, and even more if it contains fat-burning ingredients (hot pepper, for example).

In addition, fatty meat soup, such as chicken, may help reduce the amount of food you eat by 20%, according to recent research findings. A fatty soup at the beginning of the meal reduces food intake in both the slim and obese subjects, which represents a therapeutic potential for obesity.

In one research, 12 normal-weight subjects and 12 obese subjects were served fatty soup before sitting down to an all-you-can-eat pizza meal. Both groups ate less. On the other hand, the control groups that had received an egg-based but fat-free protein soup ate as much as usual.

On the other hand, a glass of water or milk before the meal may not have the same effect. It seems that our bodies digest calories differently depending on whether we think we are eating or drinking. Curiously, we do not feel satiated as fast if we think we are taking liquid.Eggplant, a champion of fat absorption

Eggplant, champion of fat absorption

Eggplant is very low in calories and is full of antioxidants. Eggplant is still little consumed in Quebec, but it is very popular in other parts of the world such as Asia, the Middle East and some African countries.

It is the skin of the eggplant that is the richest in nutrients, but it is the water contained in its pulpit which would contribute to burn the fat of the body. It would also contain the fiber, vitamins and low-calorie minerals needed to maintain good health.The apple, a healthy snack that cuts hunger

The apple, a healthy snack that cuts hunger

You’ve probably heard it somewhere: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away forever”. It also seems like an apple a day keeps fats away forever! In addition, they are delicious.

It is the pectin contained in the apple that makes it almost magical. Indeed, this substance acts as a trap in your stomach, trapping some of the fat so that it is directly eliminated rather than stored in your body.

The apple also helps maintain a stable blood sugar level, which helps to make you feel fuller longer than most foods. It also contains a lot of fiber, very few calories and a lot of water. It’s the perfect food for your snacks!

In addition, this delicious fruit filled with fiber stimulates the feeling of satiety. Comparing applesauce and apple juice, with and without added fiber, to whole apples, they cause people to eat less at the next meal, according to a study published in Appetite . Apples contain quercetin, a chemical compound that supports cardiovascular health and immune function.Lemon is an effective natural degreaser

Among the best fat-burning foods, lemon: an effective natural degreaser

The reputation of lemon is more to do in nutrition. In recent years, its detoxifying virtues are famous. Lemon is also used as a natural fat burner. Lemon alone does not necessarily help to lose weight. On the other hand, it contributes to the good digestion of other foods.

Use the lemon a few times during the day. Upon awakening, with cold or hot water, he prepares the body to receive food after several hours of fasting. The rest of the day, it helps not to store the fat that is consumed. The celery branch activates the metabolism and helps slim down

Of the best fat-burning foods, celery activates the metabolism

Celery is filled with water and fiber. Celery is packed with nutrients essential for good health. It is filled with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, potassium and phosphorus. In this sense, he is a great ally for weight loss.Onion, an important ally in the elimination of fats

Onion, an ally in the elimination of fats

Onion has the reputation of being an excellent food to integrate into our diet when we want to lose weight. It is even strongly recommended for people who suffer from obesity since it helps to eliminate the fat present in the blood.

Onion is also a great way to add flavor to your recipes without increasing the caloric value of a dish. Consumed raw, it retains all its nutritional qualities. Add it to your salads, soups, salad dressings and enjoy all its benefits!Parsley, a herb that moderates appetite

Effective fat-burning foods: parsley, a herb that calms appetite

This green grass is a very good natural fat-burning. Despite its appearance as a simple aromatic plant, it has the ability to eliminate toxins in the blood and is a real mine of vitamin C. It is also an excellent source of fiber, which helps control the storage of fat in your body. system and decrease appetite between meals.oat bran helps eliminate abdominal fat

Effective fat-burning foods: oat bran to help eliminate abdominal fat

The sound of oats is the outer shell of the cereal grain. Oat bran is very rich in fiber and pectin. As for the apple, it is the latter that participates in trapping the fat and eliminate it before it is stored in the body.

It is important to drink plenty of water with oat bran. Its fibers can absorb up to thirty times its volume in water. Oat bran can be incorporated into your diet by sprinkling it on a smoothie, adding it to our recipes or supplementing our regular cereals.Pear, a fruit that increases your energy expenditure

Efficient fat-burning foods: pear

Pear is among the best fat-burning foods. Pear is a fruit rich in soluble fiber, which allows you to be satiated long after eating it. It is therefore a good food to include in your diet to lower your calorie intake and to eat less.

Pear is also rich in vitamin C. In addition to being a good fat-burning food, pear improves your immune system, provides you with a lot of energy and has the virtues to prevent certain cancers.Sardine and cod

Efficient fat-burning foods: sardines and cod

The sardine repels more than one. However, if you like fish, sardine is an excellent choice, both in terms of the nutrients it provides, but also for its delicious taste. Sardine is a fatty fish, so it’s rich in fish oil and omega-3.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the effects of cod and beef on the hunger and satiety of subjects. Participants ate less at the next meal after eating cod on the previous meal. Cod has a low calorie content and a low concentration of mercury; it is a delicious white fish that is prepared in very different ways.

By replacing the proteins and lipids that are usually consumed by oily fish such as sardines, we reduce the number of calories we eat. Also, it has been shown by several studies that by consuming more fatty fish without changing our lifestyle, one is more likely to lose weight.Flax seed and the best appetite suppressants and fat-burning foods

Flax seed and the best appetite suppressants

Flax seed has been known for many years to be excellent for maintaining good health. To burn fat, flaxseed is also a great dietary option.

Flax seed is an excellent source of antioxidants, which improves the functioning of the digestive system and metabolism. Also, flaxseed contains a lot of fiber, which helps to give a feeling of fullness to the person who consumes it, which helps to reduce the intake of calories.

In closing, here are some foods that help burn fat by acting as an appetite suppressant:Burning-fat foods: almonds.


Effective fat-burning foods: excellent almonds to cut hunger

These nuts contain healthy mono-unsaturated fats, as well as vitamin E and magnesium, which are known to increase our feeling of fullness. A study in the journal Nutrition and Metabolismcompared whole almonds with almond butter, almond flour, almond oil and almond-free products to evaluate those with the greatest effects on satiety. . Whole almonds show the best results. Almonds have also been shown to help maintain the cardiovascular system and healthy cholesterol levels.Burning fat foods: chickpeas.


Efficient fat-burning foods: chickpeas as a powerful appetite suppressant

These legumes are naturally satiated because of their high protein and fiber content. According to a study, subjects who ate chickpeas perceived greater satiety, an improvement in bowel function, and found a reduction in their total dietary intake. In addition, study participants began to eat more snacks from processed foods once they stopped eating chickpeas, suggesting that chickpeas may reduce the desire for chickpeas. junk food high in calories and low in nutrients. Finally, chickpeas contain folic acid, which helps support heart health.Burning fat foods: lettuce.


Efficient fat-burning foods: green leafy vegetables as natural appetite suppressants

Researchers investigated why an iceberg and romaine lettuce salad before a meal affected satiety and the amount of food eaten thereafter. When the subjects in the study ate the salad before a pasta meal, they tended to eat fewer calories altogether and feel better. Green leafy vegetables are low in calories, but nutrition experts assume they feel full because of their volume.Burn-fat foods: lentils.

Effective fat-burning foods: Lenses as a powerful appetite suppressant

A study conducted at the University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences compared how legumes affected appetite and the amount of food ingested. They compared chickpeas, lentils, white beans and yellow peas to pasta in sauce. They found that a lentil meal had the strongest impact on satiety. Lentils were the only food that reduced total dietary intake. Lentils are an excellent source of protein and they also contain a lot of potassium, fiber, iron, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, potassium and calcium.Burning fat foods: peanut butter.

Efficient fat-burning foods: peanut butter (natural) to satisfy hunger

In a study of obese women, Brazilian researchers found that peanut butter, added to a breakfast, helped regulate blood sugar levels while increasing the production of satiety-related hormones. (In other words, he helped the participants feel satiated and lessened their desire to eat after the meal). Peanut butter , 100% natural and not loaded with sugar, is a healthy source of fat for your body.Burning-fat foods: pistachios.


Effective fat-burning foods: pistachios (roasted, unsalted) to satisfy hunger

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that among participants in a weight loss program, subjects who had eaten pistachio snack had a lower body mass index and lower triglyceride subjects who had taken pretzels.


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