9 Tips To Stop Snoring Easily

9 tips to stop snoring easily

Did you know that obesity, just like the consumption of alcoholic beverages, makes us snore? By losing weight, we can improve this condition as well as our quality of life.

Snoring is a common disorder that affects many people around the world, also impacting those who do not suffer and who share the bed, or room, with them. Snoring often interrupts sleep during the night, causes problems to fall asleep and affects our quality of life. 

If, in general, snoring is not related to health problems, it is often a sign that we need to change our lifestyle, have a healthier diet, and start more physical activity. If you suffer regularly from this problem, we will explain how to fight it.

Maintain one’s fitness weight

Obesity can cause snoring.  If an overweight person snores, they are advised to to lose 10% of their weight to improve their quality of life and solve their problem. 

Do not consume alcoholic beverages


No smoking

Smoking irritates your upper respiratory tract,  precisely those that cause chronic snoring. Stopping this bad habit will help you not to snore, but will also improve your overall quality of life.

Sleep on the side

To sleep

Sleeping in the mouth causes the tongue and the palate to move to the mouth of the throat, blocking the air supply and causing snoring. It is therefore recommended to sleep on the side . In addition, it is advisable to sleep with several pillows to keep open the air duct of our throat and avoid snoring. Regarding this good habit of sleeping on the side, the House Remedies book of the Clinique de Mai recommends sewing a tennis ball on the dorsal part of the pajamas, causing some discomfort for the person who snores while being on the back. strongly encouraging then to sleep on the side.

If snoring is the result of a cold or allergy, making gargles with mint is an effective tip for fighting them.  For this, dilute a drop of mint essential oil in a glass of water and make gargles for several seconds (do not swallow the water). You can use mint tea instead of essential oil.

Drink a small cup of coffee


If you do not overdo it, caffein can help you fight snoring. It will make sleep less deep, improve the functioning of the oropharynx and, ultimately, avoid snoring.

Consume tea with nettle

If snoring is the product of an allergy, it is very important to clean the bedroom and remove any dirt that may make this problem worse. Then it can be very effective to prepare a tea with nettle, adding a spoonful of dry nettle leaves in boiling water, and drink it before going to bed. This plant is considered a high quality natural antihistamine.

Have a good nasal hygiene


Cold weather and contact with the air conditioning can cause crusts and secretions on the nasal membranes, which can clog the airways and cause snoring. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to wash the nasal cavity with saline, preferably before going to bed. 

Avoid irritating foods

Consuming heavy foods that are difficult to digest before going to sleep, such as dairy products, wheat, fats, etc., generates stomach reflux which irritates the walls of the nostril and pharynx, and causes snoring.

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